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NOMOS is an association of architects based in Geneva, Lisbon and Madrid.

We work at home and abroad on projects of all scales, from furniture to masterplanning, always under an architectural approach, with a focus on community, cultural context and sustainability.

We explore new ways of inhabiting space through architecture, placing special interest in drawing as a graphic expression to build our ideas.

Together, we design buildings that find opportunities in constraints, and we approach each project with enthusiasm, care and curiosity, always looking for a sustainable beauty.

Geneva is headed by Katrien Vertenten & Lucas Camponovo, Massimo Bianco, Daniel Schwarz and Ugo Togni.
Lisbon is headed by Jorge Paquete & Veronica Pires.
Madrid is headed by Ophélie Herranz & Paul Galindo.


Katrien Vertenten
Lucas Camponovo
Massimo Bianco
Daniel Schwarz
Ugo Togni

Anna Moroni
Christiane Martimiano
Gabriela Pratas
Irène Desmarais
Jean-Luc Chênes
Julia Fontaine
Marta Mato
Martial Buisson
Maxime Poirier
Michel Codemo
Rafael Cruchon
Riccardo Cagnoni
Silvia Soares


Ophélie Herranz
Paul Galindo

Elisa Marcos


Jorge Paquete
Verónica Pires


20, rue Boissonas
1227, Les Acacias – Genève

0041 22 308 43 00



Andrés Obispo 37, 3 dcha
28043 Madrid

0034 91 012 07 47



Rua Rodrigues Faria, nº 103
LX Factory, Espaço I – 3.01
1300-501 Lisboa

00351 211 304 675


Former Team

Adrián Montoro, Agnese Lanata, Alberto Álvarez, Alessia Pavone, Alexendre Delencre, Alvaro Caballero, Alex Corre, Amandine Scomparin, Andrea Eduardo, Andrea Gentile, Andrew Kaczmarek, Araceli Fernandez, Arnaud Bandolin, Arnaud Beetschen, Benjamin Gérard, Bérénice Pinon, Bianca Lassandro, Camille Couvez, Carlos Gonzalez, Céliane Grenier, Céline Bouldouyre, Chantal Faessler, Chloé Ducruet, Cindy Lachat, Clara Brun, Corinne Kinzunga, David Freijeiro, Eduard Kuyucmu, Eleonora Lo Buono, Fabio Neves, Fabiola Balistreri, Fausto Briosa, Flore Gustin, Francisco Soares, Françoise Menetrey, Giulia Scotto, Guy Detruche, Hamoudi Shubber, Héctor Rivera, Hiep Nguyen, Hugo Deletraz, Ignacio de Silóniz, Irene Lopez, Isabel Labrador, Jaime Sanz, Jean-Michel Chartiel, Joana Couto, Julie Lithhouvong, Jungmin Lee, Kevin Luzio, Kilian Julve, Laetitia Inverno, Lara Frankl, Larisa Dzibirc, Laura Millan, Laure Haegelin, Léonor Grivel, Lian Blok, Lidia Frauenlob, Luis Turreira, Lydia Amara, Lorenzo Grieco, Lou Belin, Lucien Berset, Lucille Affre, Mabrouck Mehdi, Margherita Pagani, Mariko Tsunooka, Marina Gigandet, Matías Rico, Mélissa D’Apice, Melissa Mars, Mounir Ayoub, Natalia Vera, Ophira Astruc, Osamu Moser, Oussama Lougania, Paola Corsini, Patrick Giromini, Patrizia Gabrielli, Patxi Martín, Pierre-Yves Boeglé, Pilar Barea, Quentin Lemazurier, Sébastien Correard, Sergio Orlando, Silvia Lozano, Sofia Nobis, Stephan van Eeden, Susanna Morpugo, Tatiana Amsing, Thibaut Krauer, Timon Mouliere, Valentine Robin, Valérie Cutayar, Vanessa Dufour, Vitoria Minzoni


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